“Unity strengthens”​ is our credo.

We all want, at one time or another, to bring happiness to those who are dear to us, our friends, parents, our community or just the unknown person in need. We believe that acting jointly to create this happiness together is a source of humanity and gives more meaning to our lives.

Thus, we are convinced that “many brains will always be smarter than one”​, that a society will be more dynamic, powerful and prosperous by freeing all the creative and active energies of the greatest number of its citizens.

ANDisTech aims at developing and promoting distributive technologies that consist mainly in distributing the functions and efforts required to a given system across multiple units or subsystems, in a quest for greater flexibility and efficiency. These systems could be human, natural, technical, etc.

We believe in the bet on youth, the distribution and delegation of powers and functions well framed and accompanied but true.

We believe in the robustness and flexibility of systems made of small modular and specialized units rtaher than a “all-in-one”​ concentrated single package.

For our more and more congested roads and highways, we prefer the time and security gains that are conferred by an arrangement of vehicles in automatic convoy, even if it is in sections rather than the “everybody for himself”​ leading to anarchy.

And we can find many other examples that illustrate the advantages, even relative, of distribution (or decentralization or also delegation) over the concentration, be it of powers, intelligence, capacities for action, etc.

We believe that it is the optimal choice, for the enthusiastic and effective participation of the greatest number of people in the common effort, each according to his/her possibilities.

We therefore believe in the preeminence of well-coordinated distribution over concentration.

In many respects, our first product, the Ezzy Swim​ swimwear series, is in a perfect accordance with this philosophy.